6 Reasons Kingston Ontario Reigns as Canada’s Top Halloween City

Consider Kingston Canada’s Salem.

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Published in Family Fun Canada in October 2016

With its rich history of haunted happenings, Kingston Ontario, is arguably the spookiest place in the country to celebrate Halloween.

From the eerie penitentiary where Canada’s worst criminals were housed, to the ancient fortress of Fort Henry where the ghosts of soldiers are said to still roam the grounds to the public green space known as Skeleton Park (built over an old burial ground with thousands of graves) there’s no creepier city to head to for the supernatural season. Consider Kingston Canada’s Salem.

My kids are teenagers now, but Halloween is still their favourite holiday. Since they’re too old for trick-or-treating we headed to the Limestone City for an enchanting October getaway with enough fantastical and frightening experiences to make us want to head back next year.

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