6 Ways to Save on New York City Hot Spots

You can sometimes catch a deal that might surprise you just how cheap it is to get to New York.

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Published in Flight Network in June 2016

The lacklustre loonie doesn’t mean Canadians have lost their shine for the Big Apple. In fact, it remains one of our favourite getaways. Of the 56 million tourists who travel to New York City every year, Canadians represent the second largest international tourism market (after the U.K.) with more than a million visitors.

And while NYC can be notoriously expensive, you don’t need the bankroll of a Rockefeller to discover what makes Gotham great. You may have to temper your Tiffany tastes, but there are plenty of economical ways to enjoy the city in style.

Start off with a New York CityPASS and save 40% on admission to six top NYC attractions. Add a reloadable subway MetroCard, which will get you anywhere you need to go.

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