Are you brooding over your brood?

If the daily rigours of parenting make you as if like you’re under a dark cloud, here’s how to find a little sunshine.

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Published in Parents Canada in March 2011

When my nine-year-old daughter Lucy recently asked if she could walk to the corner store alone, my immediate response was “no”.

Lucy pushed and prodded and protested. She was eager to buy a chocolate bar with her allowance money, was bored hanging around the house and clearly wanted a grown-up adventure.

I remembered how, at that age, my mom would regularly send me out to the store to buy milk or pasta for that night’s dinner, or (egad!) a pack of DuMaurier Lights.

I took a deep breath, told Lucy to bring the dog with her and tried very hard not to think of all the bad things that could happen. Twenty minutes later she arrived home, happy as clam. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Since when did allowing your kid to go to the store alone feel like such a daring act?

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