Quiet, Please

Sometimes it seems impossible to find a little peace and quiet. Our days are marked by clatter and clamour. We turn on the radio when we get in the car. We go for a walk with iPod wires dangling from our ears. There’s muzak in the elevator, planes roaring overhead and subways rattling underneath. It’s a struggle to meditate for more than five minutes, and our fingers itch for our phones if they’re more than an arm’s length away.

There’s always something good on Netflix, doom and disaster blast from 24-hour news channels, and emails, podcasts, chat rooms and game screens compete for our increasingly divided attention.

Addicted to productivity, we go to sleep with visions of to-do lists dancing in our heads and the sounds of our cellphones pinging with persistent notifications. Even when all our gadgets are turned off, it can be difficult to still the chaos in our minds.

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