Washington, D.C. offers kids a delicious slice of history

Washington is a great city for kids of all ages, but especially for preteens and teens who are able grasp the importance of significant events that have had a lasting impact on the world.

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Published in Parents Canada in June 2014

Like most teens, my kids love shopping. So when I start talking up Washington, D.C.’s National Mall as a destination for our last March break vacation, my two daughters got eagerly onboard.

That is, until they realize they’ll be visiting memorials, monuments and museums, rather than fashion boutiques and department stores.

“But what about the shopping?” protested Lucy, 13. I explained that the National Mall is a downtown Washington park that stretches for 3 km between the revered Lincoln Memorial, a monument to the president who abolished slavery, and the U.S. Capitol Building, the American equivalent of Parliament Hill.

They were unimpressed. But then Ruby, 16, remembered that Washington is home to the hit TLC reality series DC Cupcakes. It follows sisters and business partners Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis (who happen to be from our hometown of Hamilton, Ont.), as they run Georgetown Cupcake, a small upscale cupcakery famous for its hour-long lineups.

I want to go to D.C. to offer my kids a slice of American history; they want to go for a slice of cake, or, more specifically, the Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a whipped Callebaut frosting topped with a fondant flower.

I agreed to a 40-minute detour to visit Georgetown Cupcake on the trek home and the deal was sealed.

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