Speaking Topics

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“It was both a pleasure and great education to hear Anne speak about her experience of leaving a fundamentalist faith. She is very engaging and professional in her presentation and addresses a difficult topic with both humour and authority.”
— Laura Macro, Women for Women group, Erin Mills United Church, Mississauga, Ont.
“With a generous spirit, Anne strives to know her audience and what might be most helpful to them. Her presentation is personal and informative, crafted with warmth, good humour, and an informed and thoughtful approach to her subject matter.”
— Drummond White, Unitarian-Universalist Church of Durham

Some of her most popular topics:

Lessons from My Year of Living Spiritually

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience,” wrote the poet Emily Dickinson. Anne shares insights from her whirlwind year of experimenting with a couple of dozen spiritual practices—from singing to solitude to going to witch camp—and how they taught her to live more attentively and authentically in the world. All of us are on a spiritual journey yet so often we neglect this essential aspect of ourselves.

Looking for Light: Leaving a rigid religion

Leaving the fundamentalist religion she was raised in was one of the most distressing times of Anne's life. It's the same for a lot of people who flee from repressive faith groups that wield their authority in destructive ways. She shares her personal story and offers advice on how to find support and strength during this often turbulent transition.

Why the "Nones" are Done with Church

Almost 80 million North Americans identify as "spiritual-but-not-religious," making this the fastest-growing “faith” group in the western world. SBNRs are sometimes referred to as “Nones” (because they typically check the box for “none” on surveys about religious affiliation) and “Dones” (because they’re done with religion). Anne's extensive research on the SBNR reveals the motivations and desires of this ever-expanding demographic of spiritual seekers.

Why We Need a Tribe: The Power of Community

"In all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other," wrote the astronomer Carl Sagan. Today 40% of people say they are chronically lonely. People used to find a sense of community in their faith group, but that's happening less and less today. This talk explores how the decline in association with traditional religion corresponds with a simultaneous rise in secular gatherings that create solidarity, enhance personal growth and allow for the kind of transcendence we usually associate with religious feeling—everything from death cafes to storytelling to SoulCycle classes. Everyone needs a tribe. This talk explores the importance of finding yours.

How to Tell a Great Story

As the founder and organizer of the popular 6-Minute Memoir “speed storytelling for a cause,” Anne know what it takes to craft a compelling tale. In this presentation she offers surefire strategies on how to present a story that will win over your audience.

Writing as a spiritual practice

This hands-on workshop demonstrates the transformative power of writing to deepen insight, express emotion, heal wounds and offer a new perspective on our old stories. Writing prompts and exercises will provide an opportunity for artistic expression and community building.

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